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Mover Packing

Delivery Location

Plants are delivered to customers by post. 

After the order has been confirmed by Monterra, The products will be delivered to the address you specified when you placed your order.😉

Please make sure the address you provide is accurate, communicate within 24 hours if it needs to be changed.

**All plants are individually treated and packed in eco-friendly Alu-coated epp 5 mm foam cocoon to protect them from impact or temperature swings.

**All plants go by air cargo in the controlled atmosphere of 18 degrees Celcius.

**Each consignment is accompanied by a Phyto certificate, meeting the requirements of the destination country. Commercial tax-friendly invoice and packing list.

Delivery Times

Products in stock are sent within 1-2 days. The delivery times are not binding.

Desired delivery dates specified with the order will be taken into account whenever possible.

In the event of a (partial) impossibility of delivery, the corresponding order will be canceled, you will be informed and any payments already made will be refunded.

Claims for delay in delivery or (partial) failure of delivery are excluded.

Package Delivery

Absence During Delivery 

If you are not present during the delivery time, the products will be deposited in front of the front door, at the entrance or at the company's reception.

The optional information (apart from the door code and floor) cannot be taken into account for daytime deliveries.

You take responsibility for the delivered products, even if they were deposited in front of the door of your home or company in your absence.

Delivery Damages

If products are delivered with obvious damage to the packaging or the content, you must immediately complain to the service provider (e.g. forwarding agent, post office) and refuse acceptance,


If the plant itself is not in a good condition, please contact Monterra immediately (within 3 days of receiving the plant).

Damage to the product may be covered guarantee.